Online Driver Training

R&R Transportation, Inc. utilizes an online training program to communicate training and important information to help reduce incidents, accidents, and create a safer work environment. Training videos and testing is incredibly convenient and can be completed in minutes. Please follow the steps to begin training today!  

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Go to the Online Training Website ( ) 

  • Once the website loads, use point and left click on the “Training Center.” 

Step 2: Login to the Training Portal 

  • Type in your username (driver code), and password (which is rrt), then click on “Sign in.”. It will then ask you to certify that it is you, click on the box and click next. 

Step 3:  Select Topic in the Classroom Section.

  • Choose a topic and open by clicking on the + symbols on the left-hand side. 

Step 4: Watch the Training Video  

  • Click on the lego symbol to start the video. The video will play automatically until completion. 

Step 5: Take the Test.

  • Test questions will appear automatically following the video. Answer all questions to complete training. Once you have passed the test, the training will be removed from your classroom. 


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