Hiring Requirements

R & R Transportation, Inc. will be reviewing the following requirements when looking at your application:

-To be at least 22 years old.

-One year of driving experience. (CDL) Will consider less with completion of driving school certificate or Military driver training and review of employment history. 

-A valid drivers license and CDL endorsement. We also review your CSA score. 

We pull Refridgerated and Dry Vans:

- 99% no touch freight.

- We prefer reefer experience but if you don't have any, we can train. 


- It is not required but if you have your hazmat endorsement, we do pay extra upon completion of R&R training. 

Driving record: 

- No DUI in the last 5 years and NEVER in a commercial vehicle

- No more then 3 speeding tickets in one year or 4 speeding tickets in three years.

You can apply four different ways:

- You can call the Recruiter at 1-800-683-0519 ext. 4005 for more information 
- Complete the online application on the home page of the website. Please follow up with a phone call to the recruiter to answer any questions they may have. 

- We can fax you a two page application, possible a third page. If the company that we are inquiring about your past employment requires a signed waiver, we need to have that signed by you.
- We can do a phone application, but we will still need to get a signed release for permission and verification.


         All drivers must provide all of the information on all employers during the preceding 3 years. When applying, we will need the address and phone number for each employer. If applying for a CDL position, you must also provide an additional seven years of employment information for a total of 10 years, as required by 391.23 of the FMCSRs. 

On all of the above we will run a current DAC and license report and we do have to verify recommend atleast one years of driving experience, however, we will review your information if you have less than one year with certification of driving school or Military driver training. 

 We operate on Qualcomm and run on E Logs. We reimburse you $50.00 of your cell phone bill each month so you are able to keep in touch with the company and customers. 

Paperwork is transfloed for convenience and to enable your weekly pay. 

We hire out of all 48 states. Home time depends on the area you live in. Living close to the terminal will get you home most often. 

If you have any questions you may contact the Recruiter at 1-800-683-0519 ext. 1, or the Safery Director at 1-800-683-0519 ext. 1010.